Arched Double Garden Gate

Here’s the Start of an ornate Arched Double Garden Gate


Doesn’t look like much, yet

Ok, getting somewhere


Now to primer/paint


Fresh paint

And here it is installed. The client will choose the hasp or knob and this will be in the books. This is the fastest we have ever (had to) put an arched gateway together.



Big Smoker Project



Picking up plate and tube at SSS Steel in San Antonio






Two weeks in and my first smoker/grill project is almost done. I built it too big, too heavy, and too expensive. So, I will keep this one. The next one will be similar as I purchased the heavier steel for two projects. I will scale back on the next version. Sturdy is a good thing for longevity and heat retention but I have discovered there is such a thing as too heavy.


I also wanted to mention my brothers, James and Paul, my friends Crockett, John and Scott, my shop-mate Gary and Mike at Central Machine. They all pitched in when I needed help with this one. Fitting that I got volunteer assistance on a project that I will use to cook for many many people. They don’t teach those lessons any more.

My brother, James, just found this and encouraged me to do a follow-up post with this. It was my design. Don’t hold that against me.


Lakeside Patio and Bath Structure

This is our most current structural work. This homeowner wanted to add a bath and additional patio space next to their pool. Here’s the site prep-Site PrepAnd here is the substructure-cabana substructureThis is the day we added support members for the roof-More CabanaAs you can see we assed a half-round balcony facing the lake-balcony additionAnd I will provide a finished productlater. The masons we are working with on this job are top notch.

Trash Can Surround

OK, This was a new one to me. What does a client who has 7 waste bins and an active raccoon problem need? A trash can surround.Yes.

Here is then project as we found it-trash can padAnd here it is as we neared the end of the project. I will updatw with a final after the painters treat the doors. It looks good, but I never thought…trash can surround in steel, stone, and cedar