Custom Fireplace Steel

This is a custom door I made for a cubby next to an outdoor fire place. I used weathered wood for the inserted panel to mimic the clients fence and riveted angle brackets in the corners to match those on the custom fitted fireplace screen. The client chose the same bronze paint as the trim on her house. A very tidy look over all.




Simple Single Rail Project

This is a custom rail we did for a friend. Her home is in the country and the stairs, originally designed to stand freely, were proving a hazard. The addition of a minimal rail gave her the safety she wanted when carrying bulk up stairs but minimized the intrusion of placing a barrier in a purposely open area.



Splashpad Water Return Grate

This is a grate for an outdoor splash pad. As designed by the architect it needed to be load bearing. Stone will sit atop the grate allowing water to drain through while preventing potential injury and preserving the aesthetic of the feature. It will be primed and painted but we have indicated it will require annual maintenance.