The Urban Smoker

This is a BBQ/Smoker design for those with space constraints. It was designed for a clients use on a small patio.

As you see the lid of the fire box lifts to expose the grill. This allows for grilling up those appetizers while smoking in the cabinet. It has”chemically inert” wheels that can be locked to keep the smoker from rolling once positioned.

On its inaugural run we smoked a 12lb brisket, 2 chickens, 15 sausage links, 8 ears of corn, and 6 poblano peppers. The urban grill fed 20 in one event!

I am currently taking orders for the Urban Smoker.


Front Porch Conversion

This is the “Start” pic of a porch on the second floor of the front of a clients home. You can see we are starting to remove the original 2 foot awnings. The temperature up here exceeds 100 frequently and saps the AC from the house while pouring heat in through the windows.

We retrofit the awning’s support structure marrying like materials to the existing railing. This lessened the impact to the clients budget and provided an original-construction feel to the aesthetic. The results were both understated and amazing.

There is still plenty of natural light coming through but FAR LESS heat transfer into the home. The porch is now many degrees cooler in the afternoon now and will allow for gardening where before that was not possible. Better yet, the family now has a great new space in which to congregate and entertain.
I like this work.