Custom Coffee Table Project

This is the half way point of a custom Coffee Table I just finished. It IS for sale. I made it because I came across a good amount of Wenge and Zebrawood in nice slabs. The Zebrawood is 8/4 and the Wenge is 4/4.


The edges and center beam are Zebrawood and the perimeter is bullnosed. The inset panels are Wenge, a very dense wood. I will apply one more gel-coat before it ships to whomever purchases it.


I really like the feel of these two woods together especially with the steel sleigh base. Call or email me if you are interested in this or any other custom furniture design.




Small Fence Prefab Project

This is a small (22 foot run) fence that a client needed us to install above a terraced wall portion of their yard where the wall was low enough that their dog was getting out. They wanted it to recess into the foliage to mute-out so as not to interfere with the existing landscape surrounding their pool patio.