Custom Commercial Roof Access Ladder

This is a ladder we made to spec in a two piece that bolts in the middle an mounts to the wall for passage to a new hotel’s roof access.




Large Two-Tiered Steel Chapa (Argentine Griddle)

This is a two tiered Chapa project for a clients ranch. If you’ve read my blog before (or if you know me) you know I like to make cooking contraptions. Many of the designs are influenced by my travels to Argentina. Some of the designs are derived, in part, to a great chef, Francis Mallmann. He is the Maestro of whole animal cooking and you could say I attempt many of his efforts in my leisure time. Here is a Chapa he uses in Uruguay

20140513-081830.jpgThe work started with 1/4″ 4’x4′ plate and heavy post for legs

20140513-082050.jpgThen I made the second tier (table) with legs to sleeve into the lower tiers legs and collared to stop at the appropriate height

20140513-083041.jpgthey stack well together and will accommodate plenty of game and sides. I will add a pic of them in use when the client had a BBQ later this Summer.


Custom Steel Tree Support

This is a custom tree support a client needed to save a tree that was falling as a result of erosion. The tree was key as it was the only thing obstructing his neighbors view into his back porch. Here’s the sketch I drew-

20140513-075222.jpgthen the construction

20140513-075301.jpgThe outside post is buried in the hill

20140513-075356.jpgThe uphill support is bolted to a large rock buried in the hill

20140513-080400.jpgthere is a cross-member tying the two posts together giving the yoke extra strength. A little paint and it’s done!