Structural Steel Track Job for Medical Facility


Hybrid Operating Room Structural Welding at St Davids Hospital

This is a recent structural renovation at St Davids South. Welding in any medical facility can be tricky. Welding in a space between ORs currently in-use can be nerve racking. There are quite a few protocols and safety measures needed to insure the work of the construction team does not, in any way, impede the work of the OR Docs next door. We did this job for a great Austin-based GC, Sanre Commercial. These guys have medical and other technical contracting down to a science. We were really able to conduct ourselves with confidence under their (and Greg Anderson’s) guidance. One more little thing, we had to load several tons of steel through a 3’x4′ window perched directly above the Ambulance Entrance. NO PRESSURE.

We designed a cart that could be fastened to a temporary shackle bolted to the floor.

This was a safety measure so that, when the end of each Ibeam passed through the threshold of the window…


…we could lash the end to the cart and ensure it couldn’t fall to the ER entrance below while we were drawing them in through the window. Then, once in the window and secured to the cart, we un lipped from the shackle, pulled them off in the staging area, and reset for the next piece.

The rest of the work went smoothly and we were able to get the job done in less than the time allotted for our scope. Thanks to Sabre and the communicative and professional staff at St Davids South. 



Structural Wall Renovation or How To Open Up a Space With a Load Bearing Wall

We get frequent inquiries about how to “open up space” since the open floor plan concept is so desirable. This happens to be a commercial job so we had more space than we do in most residential settings but it’s a good illustration of a great way to take out 18′ of wall while carrying the structure above. Here is the subject wall:

In this case, the engineer had us hang a bracket to the steel structural column to the right.

But first we had to shore the wall and selectively remove the existing studs. Then we set a plate and new steel column to the far side (left) of the new opening. We added wood “nailers” to the top and bottom of the Ibeam befor lifting it into place. The nailers give the old upper structure something to tie to and the lower nailer does the same for the minimal wood frame drop down. It was a tight fit and that’s a good thing.  

Once it’s set and welded-off, we pull the shoring and, there’s your open space!

Residential RailĀ 

This job was an railing renovation. We did- interior and exterior rails. Here are the back exterior rails pictured from the landing and a panorama from the yard. The old rails did not meet code and were no longer structurally sound. The new rail meets code, is structurally very sound and is far more current aesthetically.