Tig Welding (NEW)

We now offer expert Tig Welding in Stainless Steel and Aluminum.
All Applications and densities, square are round with top notch fitting.

Tig Welding

Tig Welding

Tig Welding

Tig Welding

Tig Welding

Tig Welding


Custom Commercial Roof Access Ladder

This is a ladder we made to spec in a two piece that bolts in the middle an mounts to the wall for passage to a new hotel’s roof access.



Overlook Tower Patio

Well this project took the majority of the last 3 months and has kept me from most other projects and small job updates here on the site but you will understand when you see the finished product. This client has a beautiful leisure property in the Hill Country but wanted to connect his pool to the home’s second floor porch while creating an overlook vantage above the spring-fed creek below. This job required us to sharpen our pencils as the terrain was quite difficult to work on and would not allow for heavy equipment to assist us in raising the sizable structure.
First I will show you the site in an erratic time lapse, then show off the design features:











20140222-132539.jpgThe tower as seen from the hilltop in front of the house,

20140222-132702.jpgAnd in this closer view you see our grade/tie-in is an exact match to the pool grade.

20140222-132853.jpgThe stair treads are steel reinforced concrete with a slip-proof texture. The turn-back design of the stair was meant to maximize the view of the valley below from the pool while limiting the structures ability to rack or sway.



20140222-133710.jpgJust a Gorgeous view of the property from here.

20140222-133757.jpgAnd the Creek.

20140222-133908.jpgThe bridge tying the old deck and the new patio together is seamless and treads well despite our having to compensate for the sagging level of the older structure.

20140222-134113.jpgHere is the view back from the porch,

20140222-134225.jpgand up, from the creek.

A job well done and in the dead of winter on a rocky hillside. We are all feeling a bit more like goats afterward. I want to post a special thanks to Randy S for all his assistance,


20140222-134637.jpgMy brother Paul for helping in a pinch on the “day of 2000 screws”,

20140222-134855.jpgand my business partner GW for his resourcefulness and unflappable spirit.

20140222-135051.jpgThis one is on the books,

20140222-135149.jpgand into the sunset!

Commercial Handrail

This was a single side wall mounted hand rail for a commercial client called NO VA, a new restaurant and bar about to open on Rainey Street. I can’t wait til they open. The menu is great , decor is superb, the staff is well seasoned, and the owners/chef could not be more deserving the win I perceive they are about to deliver.

Going to paint…

See you all at NO VA- thanks Lorenzo.