Norwood Planter Box

Norwood Planter Box complete.

Norwood Planter Box made of steel.

Norwood Planter Box made of steel.

Norwood Planter Box made of steel.

Norwood Planter Box made of steel.


Finish Examples

Here a re a few examples of finishes I offer. In most interior (i.e. climate control) uses these finishes will last for decades with little or no maintenance.

This is a raw steel look with any corrosion frozen with osfo acid and coated in flat lacquer. The welds are ground flat giving this a very industrial appearance. A close-up of the leg of this piece shows that, in some cases, the acid leaves white veins under the lacquer which will darken over time.

This example is a paint product but I include it in this as a type of finish because of the look of the finished product. Hammerite is a paint product that dries with a hammered or dimpled appearance making it a great option for many desired looks. It is very attractive and durable with an almost enamel consistency. It is also easy to touch up seamlessly with a spray can in the event of scratching, chipping, or other damage to the surface. It comes in limited colors.

This is a piece I made for my wife ten years ago, freezing the rust, allowing a minimum of corrosion to begin, and then coating it multiple times in a gloss polyurethane product.

This is a closer view of the same piece, you can see that this process has allowed some controlled oxidation to take root creating a very warm and organic look.

This final example of finishes is, by far, the most time consuming, costly in terms of material and my pricing, and the most popular despite the cost.This is a seven step process and takes a week if the weather cooperates. A rare and very unique finish, I have not seen another steel designer get close to this look, and there have been many attempts.


I will still paint to customer specifications but I do like to offer some alternatives to paint as steel can be such an attractive and versatile component to interior design.