Steel Stair / Landing

This landing/stair unit is made to match several existing on the clients property.

Steel Landing / Stair

Steel Landing / Stair

Steel Landing / Stair

Steel Landing / Stair



Structural Support for Long Porch

This is a steel support for a long front porch. The Posts are HEAVY as is the Header. Atop the header you will see one of the guys welding punched flanges on 16″ centers. The joists coming across from the roof will bolt to these flanges and the whole structure will be extremely sturdy. Good design.



Custom Ornamental Porch Support

This is a before of a clients mid-century bungalow in mid-repair. Note the plain post.

And now the new porch support in the design SHE drew for us. Quite a compliment to her home. Sometimes I am amazed at how much small touches enhance the curb appeal of an older home.

I thought I’d add this pic of the post in progress because it’s fun to see these projects come together and every now and then an iphone CAN take a decent photo.


Flitch Plates

These are custom flitch plates made to reinforce a wood beam by bolting through either side of the beam like a sandwich. Builders are familiar with this technique.

The larger if these pairs are 19 feet in length. Quite a span. We make these and other custom brackets with our trusty 42 Ton UniHydro Ironworker.

This machine snips plate steel and punches holes of the various dimensions needed for our work.

Long Two-Car Carport with Autogate

This is a custom carport in a neighborhood with long narrow lots. The client wanted to fit two vehicles behind a gate, leaving a space for guests in the drive and two on the street.

Incorporating shade was also part of the order as this side of the home really baked in the afternoon. However, the shade cloth does require some stretching and adjustment so we have stop back by periodically to re-tension. The client might add screening on which to train vines later.


Rain Water Collection Base

This base frame, designed with aesthetics and support in mind, is to be the foot for a rain water collection cistern. It is cross braced and lagged to the foundation of the house. It will be packed with road base then sand then crushed granite. The cistern (which I’m told was sinking in the yard when half full) will sit atop and should stay-put after this base is complete.



Residential Gate

This was a quick custom gate project for a friends parents who have a bed and breakfast in West Austin.


We set the post the say before and made the gate and fittings an hung it the next. We attached “dead man” brackets to the stone column behind the post to give it rigidity and prevent future sag in the gate.

The latch mounted to the inside wall is a simple tension latch designed to be pulled from the top to deter small kids from opening the gate. It also has a chain hasp so it can be secured.

And the owners wanted a piece of flat sheet metal affixed in the center which will be laser etched with a custom design in the near future.