For Sale

These are creations, objects and some designs that I manufacture and sell.

This is a garden feature I get inquiries about frequently. The Bowl Planter Pedestal. Shown here is a 22inch bowl made of 1/4inch steel with a 5foot pedestal. The cost is $300 and that includes my delivery and setting the post in concrete, provided I am not digging in rock. I will discount for more than 3 units. These are commonly used for cactus and succulent gardens.



This is the standard “Cowboy Wok” in heavy 1/4inch Brazilian steel in a 22inch diameter. This can be set on a stove’s gas burner, on an outdoor propane boiler/burner as seen in the second photo, or directly on the coals of a campfire.




This is a Cowboy Wok Combo. Great for use in camping, tailgating, hunting, fishing, and back yard cookout scenarios. Light a charcoal wood or combination fire in the lower bowl then place the upper bowl on top to make fajitas, migas, hash browns, sausage, steaks- you name it. They can also both be used independently as fire pits or separately placed ofer a camp fire to make hamburgers, hotdogs, chili, etc. the Combo costs $300 an I will deliver in the Austin area.




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