Recommended Businesses

I have several small and local businesses I would recommend if you are interested:

Raines Arborcare
For Trimming, Thinning, Lifting, Roof Clearances, and Whole Take-downs
Owner/Operator Eric Raines is a great climber with excellent experience and ample insurance. He quotes for free.

The Painting Team of Eric Schneider and Duncan Williams
Experts, quick and efficient.

Floyd’s Autoglass in Taylor
Shorty Mitchell runs circles in time and price around his competitors in Austin proper. It’s worth the short drive to Taylor.

Rand Smallwood is an Account Acquisition Manager at Dell. He is extremely helpful and when it comes to hardware and software, if he’s not your man he will put you in good hands.

Randy Niemann Landscapes
Randy is a jack of all trades with a green thumb and a mind for budget.

Westbrook Metals– we get all of our in-town supply at Westbrook. Great staff and leadership. They have revamped Westbrook recently into a well oiled machine with improved stock and competitive pricing. Call your order in early to save time in processing.

Ryan Goodrich, Professional Photographer– from runways in LA to fashion shoots in NYC in to Architectural, Art, Food Stills, Portraits, well, Ryan can capture anything and touch up what you don’t want seamlessly.

Sportsmans Finest for hunting and fishing needs-
Manager Andy Fisher is the best in the business and I know quite a few.

Mighty E’s Moving
Elliot Partridge is extremely prompt, courteous, and can move a grand piano solo. You have to see it. Amazing. His rates are outstanding as well.

B-Squared Wood Works-
David Benitez is a hell of a cabinet maker. He is very fair on price and has the gift of bidding in a very transparent manner. Quite skilled as you will see from his portfolio.

180 Office Solutions is a great LOCAL source for office furnishings, dividers, cubicles, trading desks, etc. They are capable of any scale project, from home office to Dell. The owner, Wyatt Russell is a long time friend, family man, and philanthropist. Why go anywhere else? Ask for Wyatt or Katherine and they’ll get you sorted out.

Horns Illustrated Magazine-
For print advertising in Texas no publication has a better demographic and rate than Horns Illustrated. I know.
Send me an email if you or interested in advertising or visit or to subscribe.



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